Welcome to Cleveland’s ‘off-Broadway’ smash hit…
The Hyacinth Lofts!

Go ahead…grab one of The Hyacinth Loft’s 51 unique suites and take your place in this unfolding drama. Yet this is no ordinary production. Upon The Hyacinth Lofts stage, you write the script and you direct the scene.

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 Is it Life or is it Art?

Offering the artist (or art aficionado) more than just live/work space, The Hyacinth Lofts creates an environment that fuses both art and life. Dramas take place here and so do comedies. Many of these performances occur under the lights and before the green screen in the Loft’s on-site “black-box.” Others – usually the unscripted ones- happen daily inside individual apartments, in the fitness and community rooms and even in the laundry!

Subscribing to the notion that “variety is the spice of life,” The Hyacinth Lofts fosters an atmosphere conducive to artists of all hues. Here, authors can dream dreams while lazily gazing over the Cleveland skyline and then quickly send their musings off to editors, publishers and readers via the T-1 lines that surreptitiously snake into each unit. Even lovers, strolling through nearby Hyacinth Park singing romantic melodies, can record and carefully edit these paeans to Venus in one of the many in-room, soundproof editing suites.

Whatever your production, make The Hyacinth Lofts your stage. Well equipped and well located, the time and the place are right for finally taking center stage in your personal production!

Art and Life united…
only at The Hyacinth Lofts
For rental information... 216.241.4069    info@thehyacinthlofts.com

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